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One-on-one Private Tutoring 

The Alpha Ed Way

ZOOM and In-Person

We are excited to bring the quality and results of Alpha Ed Tutoring to the comfort of your very own home (or library). We have a strong and dedicated team of tutors, located all around Sydney who are excited to tutor your children, embodying our mission to help our students learn, grow and succeed. Whether you want your child to receive individualised care, working on the topics and areas they struggle with the most or you're simply too far from our centre, the private tutoring is perfect for you and your child.  

Especially now, as Sydney's schools are shut, its imperative that students aren't falling behind and missing out on vital content and learning experiences. We offer online ZOOM classes to give your child the vital education and learning they need, all from the comfort of your own home, whilst making the most of our current situation. 

Our tutors are all exceptional at their role, handpicked for their passion for teaching, supportive and approachable personalities and ability to breakdown concepts for students. We then coach our tutors to enhance their amazing skills and equip them to helping every student learn, grow and succeed. 

We are excited to offer tutoring for ALL subjects from kindy to year 12 including:  

Preliminary and HSC


  • Standard

  • Advanced

  • Extension 1 & 2


  • Standard

  • Advanced

  • Extension 1 & 2


  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Biology

Social Sciences:

  • Economics 

  • Legal Studies

  • Business Studies 


  • Modern History

  • Ancient History 

  • History Extension 

Years 7 - 10

  • Maths

  • English 

  • Science 

  • Commerce

  • Geography 

  • History 

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