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Alpha Ed Tutoring was proudly established by Chris and Andrea, who met at Sydney University back in 2017. They bonded over their passion for tutoring high school students. With over seven years of combined tutoring experience, they founded Alpha Ed Tutoring after realizing the lack of quality tutors who were dedicated to truly seeing their students succeed. Since then Alpha Ed Tutoring has expanded to offer both class and private tutoring all across Sydney.

Alpha Ed Tutoring is dedicated to providing each and every one of our students with the care, support and knowledge to help them tackle every obstacle along their high school journey. Our students success is measured by more than just a number and this gave birth to our core mission of helping every student: Learn, Grow and Succeed. Theory is taught in an engaging and building block like manner which is then paired with extensive practical questions from beginner to extension to ensure our students develop a framework to understand content and answer questions. 

No matter how your child learns best, whether it be through class sessions or one-on-one tutoring, Alpha Ed Tutoring has the flexibility to adopt to their needs.


Centre and Private Tutoring

Alpha Ed Tutoring has now expanded to offer both centre (structured classes) and private tutoring. Centre tutoring is offered at our centre in Bexley North. Private tutoring is flexible to suit your needs and is offered face-to-face at home or your local library or even online.

Professional Tutors 

Our tutors are all graduated students who have achieved a band 6 in the subject they tutor and an overall 90+ ATAR. Our tutors are experts in the subjects they teach and are carefully trained by us to deliver our core mission of helping our students Learn, Grow and Succeed. 

Boost Marks and Increase Confidence

Our sessions give students an in depth understanding of all course content throughout the year and are guaranteed to result in their marks being boosted year on year. Our students are given individualized care and support, boosting their self-confidence leading to success at school.

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