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Alpha Ed Tutoring was proudly established by Andrea with over seven years of combined tutoring experience, he founded Alpha Ed Tutoring after realizing the lack of quality tutors who were dedicated to truly seeing their students succeed. Since then Alpha Ed Tutoring has expanded to offer both class and private tutoring all across Sydney.

Alpha Ed Tutoring is dedicated to providing each and every one of our students with the care, support and knowledge to help them tackle every obstacle along their high school journey. Our students success is measured by more than just a number and this gave birth to our core mission of helping every student: Learn, Grow and Succeed. Theory is taught in an engaging and building block like manner which is then paired with extensive practical questions from beginner to extension to ensure our students develop a framework to understand content and answer questions. 

No matter how your child learns best, whether it be through class sessions or one-on-one tutoring, Alpha Ed Tutoring has the flexibility to adopt to their needs.


Centre and Private Tutoring

Alpha Ed Tutoring has now expanded to offer both centre (structured classes) and private tutoring. Centre tutoring is offered at our centre in Bexley North. Private tutoring is flexible to suit your needs and is offered face-to-face at home or your local library or even online.

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Professional Tutors 

Our tutors are all graduated students who have achieved a band 6 in the subject they tutor and an overall 90+ ATAR. Our tutors are experts in the subjects they teach and are carefully trained by us to deliver our core mission of helping our students Learn, Grow and Succeed. 


Boost Marks and Increase Confidence

Our sessions give students an in depth understanding of all course content throughout the year and are guaranteed to result in their marks being boosted year on year. Our students are given individualized care and support, boosting their self-confidence leading to success at school.

So what are you waiting for?

If you're ready to see your child to Learn, Grow and Succeed then book now to receive a free trial lesson. 

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Hi, my name is Julie. I tutor Maths from primary school up to HSC Extension 1, HSC Physics and primary school English. My hobbies are painting and drawing in my free time. I am studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Physics, Masters in Medical Radiography. I love tutoring due to my passion for these subjects as well as my love for watching my students improve over time to reach their personal best. 


Hello, my name is Danielle, and I love directing theatre and water-skiing. I tutor English, History, Drama, Maths. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Arts & Media. I have a great passion for teaching, and love to share my love of learning with students and watch them flourish on their learning journeys 

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Hey, my name is Nicole and my hobbies are drinking boba, playing tennis and listening to music. I tutor English and legal studies and I am studying a Bachelor of Arts & Advanced Studies majoring in Marketing and Politics & International relations with Dalyell Scholars. I enjoy tutoring due to the many connections I've made with my students and seeing their personal growth. It’s exhilarating seeing them enjoy learning with confidence that transcends their academic journey, supporting them well into their future .


Hello, my name is Ksenia and I love cooking and bushwalking. I tutor Chemistry and Maths. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering & Commerce majoring in Finance. I like to tutor as I give my students the opportunity to excel by working together through difficult areas, overcoming challenges and preparing for upcoming exams. It is a rewarding experience both for the student and for myself.

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Hi, my name is Liz, I love playing sport, reading and drawing. I tutor English up to Extension 1, Modern History, Biology, and Visual Arts. I am studying a Bachelor of Arts and Secondary Education majoring in English and Modern History. I adore teaching and tutoring allows me to share my passion for the subjects I love in order to help motivate students to do their best and succeed not just academically, but at their own personal goals as well. 

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Hey, I’m Glen and my hobbies are playing golf and tennis, modifying my car, clothing and sneakers. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Advanced Studies with Dalyell Scholars. I tutor Economics, English, and Maths up to Extension 2. I love to tutor because seeing the results from the students I tutor drives me to do better every day and these proven results act as an inspiration for me to continue tutoring!


Hey my name is Kate, I'm studying a Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot's licence). my  hobbies include cooking, reading, flying.

I tutor Year 8-10 mathematics, Year 11 & 12 Advanced Mathematics and Extension 1 Mathematics.

I enjoy teaching, I enjoy making connections with students and helping them to succeed in whatever way that means for them whether that be simply building up confidence, learning something new, or understanding something they generally would struggle with.


Hi, my name is Muneeb. My hobbies are playing basketball and hanging out with my mates. I tutor Maths, Physics & Business Studies. I  am studying Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at UTS. I enjoy passing on the knowledge and skills I have accumulated onto my students enabling them to achieve their full potential. The HSC can be confusing, stressful, and even frustrating when teachers overcomplicate very simple concepts. I am great at helping my students by using simple explanations encouraging them to enjoy learning.


Hello, my name is Furkhan and in my spare time I enjoy playing and watching cricket, swimming and chess. I tutor mathematics and I am studying Applied Finance. I like to tutor as it is a fulfilling challenge as I provide my unique understanding of concepts to students and help them get a deeper understanding of the topics.

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Hello, my name is David, and my hobbies include photography and reading. I tutor Maths for all years, up to year 12 Extension 1 and Economics. I am studying a Bachelor of Advanced Computing Commerce at the University of Sydney. I tutor because I have a very thorough understanding of the subjects during my HSC studies, and I really enjoy helping other students reach their potential.

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Hello, my name is Isaac and I enjoy playing squash and designing and building 3D models. I tutor Maths up to Extension 1, Physics and Engineering. I am studying Mechanical Engineering and Commerce at The University of Sydney. As a student, I often felt a sense of euphoria when something finally made sense. Now when I tutor, seeing that euphoria coming from a student bring a new kind of joy to me. It’s a combination of passing my knowledge and encouraging the next generation to be as excited and passionate that continues to drive my motivation.


Hey, my name is Dion. I enjoy drawing, photography, and hiking. I tutor History, Maths and Science. At the moment, I am studying a Bachelor of Education majoring in history. I really enjoy developing academic connections with people, challenging students to think more broadly and maturing students to be better learners.


Hi, my name is Annie and I tutor biology and mathematics from year seven to year twelve advanced. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Economics majoring in Financial Economics and Finance. I tutor because I find that it's very rewarding when you're able to engage someone and it's an ecstatic feeling when you can see something click in their brain.


Hey my name is James, I am studying medicine and my hobbies include basketball and derivatives trading.

I tutor - Mathematics from K-12 (Ext 2).

Teaching is one of my passions. I attribute much of my academic growth to a great tutor i had in Y12 who was always trying to get me to see how each piece of the information we learn connects. I felt I gained a strong understanding of not only academic concepts also a framework to solve problems in general. As such, I want to provide students with a similar style of tutoring emphasised on true understanding and logical reasoning. 

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Hi everyone, my name is Helena, and I love reading and listening to music. I tutor Maths and Biology. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering at UNSW. I love to tutor because it allows me to empower others in their education, and to instil the same love for these subjects that I have. I am a natural problem solver so I enjoy passing on my mindset and way of thinking to help students tackle every problem they face.

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Hey, I’m Rose! My hobby is my super cute dog and British comedy. I tutor Physics. I am studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering & Commerce at USYD. In used to think tutoring would make me THE best and THE top of the class, but we run our own race. If you cannot get around this, disappointment awaits. I tutor to be a mentor. Together we make fulfilling goals and a plan to reach them. Yes, there’s hard work, but there’s also immense support and individuality.

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Hi everyone, I'm Catherine and my hobbies are Taekwondo, swimming, and percussion. I am studying a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at UNSW. I tutor Maths, Economics and Chemistry. I love tutoring as I can help others and I derive great satisfaction from being able to explain a new, challenging concept to someone in a way that they can understand. Supporting people to achieve their absolute best is always a wonderful privilege and the smiles of my students at the end of each lesson are a nice bonus.


Hi, my name is Despina and I love to eat with friends, cook for family, watching anime and playing sports! I also adore my two beautiful cats. I tutor Maths, Science, and Biology. I’m studying a Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Secondary Education majoring in science. I tutor because I love teaching! It is so rewarding being able to assist others in their learning. I had great experiences with my teachers, so I want to provide the same to my students. I am studying to be a high school teacher so tutoring is a perfect way to start off my career!


Hi, my name is Nelly and I love photography, reading and baking. I tutor Ancient History, English Advanced/Ext, and Modern Greek Continuers/Ext. I am studying a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Social Work at USYD. I like to tutor as I love helping students recognise their capabilities and strengths, as well as encourage them to engage and immerse themselves in a subject area of weakness. 

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Hey, I’m Alyssa! I tutor English Advanced, Ext 1, and Ext 2 as well as Modern and Ancient History. Tutoring is incredibly rewarding to me as every student is different, learns in different ways and at different paces. I enjoy getting to know my students, tailoring my lessons to their individual needs and watching them progress and achieve their goals. I am studying a Bachelor of Law and Arts (History and International Relations) at ANU.  I love reading, listening to music, hanging out with friends and playing with my cat. 

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