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Accelerated Maths Workshop - Summer 2022

Surpass your peers by mastering this years maths content before its taught at school

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Make the most of the school holidays by spending two days learning and mastering the maths syllabus for the year before you even start. Students will be taught the maths content for their respective year group and cover every topic in depth to develop and refine their skills. By understanding the content of the curriculum before its taught at school, students will be ahead of their peers so while their class is learning they will simply be revising, leading to their success throughout the year. 


Ensuring that your child is equipped with all of the mathematical knowledge required to be a top student is essential. No matter which year your child is in now, all students should be building their skill sets to best tackle their maths HSC.


Our two-day summer Maths Workshop is designed to delve into the content for the entire year through engaging theory and extensive practical questions. Students will gain confidence, refine their skills and deepen their knowledge, allowing them to surpass their peers and maximize their marks.

Consolidate key concepts

through engaging theory lessons and extensive practice questions.

Gain confidence to succeed

 by building on existing skills and deepening key knowledge.

Experienced tutors

personalize each lesson to ensure every student is given an individualized experience.

Summer Workshop Reviews

Featured Reviews: 

"My daughter really enjoyed the workshop. The tutor made the content easy to understand, and the work has helped her stay ahead of her class." - Jasmine (Year 9)

"After the workshop I've done so much better in my exams. I've gone from 70's to 90's and I really recommend it to all HSC students" - Daniel (Year 12 Advanced)

"Our son is much more confident in maths after attending the workshop, and he has done very well in his two exams so far." - Philip and Anna (Year 11 Standard)

Holiday Maths Workshop Dates

24th - 27th January 2022

Timetable 2022.png

How It Works?

At the beginning of the workshop students are given an in-depth maths workbook. During class our tutors will explain the theory content in an engaging way, providing deep explanations and allowing students to take notes in their workbooks. After every theory component, students are given the chance to put their knowledge and skills into practice with a wide range of questions that aim to develop there skills further and even include extension questions. 

Length of Workshop 

Our Maths Workshop takes place over two days for each year group. The session is four hours on each day (8 hours total), providing students with plenty of time to cover all important concepts. 


Our Holiday Maths Workshop takes place at our modern and stylish centre in Bexley North, NSW 2207

Class sizes 

Class sizes are limited to 10 students, to allow each student to receive individualized help throughout the workshop. Each class has two tutors ensuring your child's questions are answered and given deeper understanding. 


Our Maths Workshop is designed to fuel your mind, but fueling your body is just as important. Enjoy lunch on us after your morning or before your afternoon session.


The cost of the Holiday Maths Workshop 2021 is $239 per student. This works out to just $30/hour for a workshop designed to help you ace maths in 2021.

Book Now

To book your seat in our Term 1 Holiday Maths Workshop click below or call us on 0468 455 600

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