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Adult Students

Modern Greek Classes 

Language is at the centre of every cultural home. Being able to speak our native tongue and passing this on to our children is a core part of the Greek culture. Whether you're of Greek Heritage and want to learn your native language or you're expanding your skills and excited to learn a new language our classes will have you speaking, reading and writing faster than they built the acropolis.

Our range of beginner, intermediate and advanced classes means that no matter what level you are at, there is the perfect class to help inspire you and nurture your skills. The following are the requirements for each stream:

  1. Beginner: No knowledge or prior experience in Greek is required 

  2. Intermediate: Intermediate speaking skills, conjugation of verbs and basic reading skills 

  3. Advanced: Ability to maintain consistent conversation and strong reading ability

In order to create the most comfortable and collaborative environment we offer each class in two streams, Juniors (10-18 yrs) and Adults (18+).

What are you waiting for, register now or give us a call to start your Greek adventure...

Start Succeeding Today

Start Succeeding Today

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