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Group Tutoring Classes

Alpha Ed Tutoring has redesigned the traditional class tutoring to deliver the most effective and enjoyable class tutoring experience. 

Our group tutoring sessions are weekly classes that teach students the subject content in an engaging way making the theory component easy to understand and working through extensive practice questions, to develop and refine students skills.


The session structure was designed based off collaborative pedagogy, meaning students spend a lot of time working together either in the books or on the whiteboards around the classroom. This collaborative environment is conducive to a deeper learning experience and is why our centre has been very successful for all our students. 


Structured Weekly Classes 

Weekly classes follow a structured syllabus, teaching new content every week. Content is taught a few weeks ahead of students schools syllabus, allowing them to be prepared for school ahead of time and have extra time to revise for their exams.



Our classes are capped at 10 students in each class ensuring that students are able to have an effective collaborative experience but still enjoying personalized care and support from our tutors. 


Year 11 and 12 (Preliminary and HSC)


  • Standard

  • Advanced


  • Standard

  • Advanced


  • Chemistry

  • Physics

Social Science:

  • Legal Studies

  • Business Studies

Year 7 to 10

  • English (year 7-8 class, year 9-10 class)

  • Mathematics (also including accelerated HSC classes)

Learn more about our Language Classes 

Modern Greek

Chinese (Mandarin)

Class Timetable 2021

Registrations are open and classes have begun for our 2021 group classes. Take a look at the timetable below and register now to avoid missing out. 


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