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Alpha Ed Tutoring  

Learn. Grow. Succeed. 

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Boost Performance

Your child is supported every step of the way, creating a comfortable environment for them to ask questions and open their minds without feeling scared. They will expand their capabilities, improve performance and achieve results that both you and them can be proud of.  

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Professional Tutors

Our team of tutors is carefully selected and trained to embody our core values of unlocking your child's potential and brining out the best from inside them.

Our tutors are the highest achievers in their cohorts who balance the right amount of results driven performance and individual  know the right balance between est and have over a decade of real teaching experience between them.

Backed by a plethora of resources, they structure classes to provide the highest quality learning experience. 

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Inspire Motivation

Success is determined by more than just results. Our holistic approach to tutoring focus on improving students motivation to bring out the best in them.   

The Alpha Ed Way

It's our mission to bring out the very best in our students, by mixing high quality education with a supportive and motivating environment to enable them to succeed beyond their current capabilities 

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Built to Succeed 

Our weekly classes focus on teaching the theory in an engaging way. Topics are covered in detail before they are even taught at school, and students are given a wide variety of questions to perfect and refine their understanding. 


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Mathematics: Year 7 to Year 10

Mathematics Advanced: Year 11 and 12

Mathematics Extension 1: Year 11 and 12 

Chemistry Beaker

Chemistry: Year 11 and 12

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